Technology Behind IPCL* Success

- IPCL* is like a soft contact lens, single piece posterior chamber phakic IOL , which can be inserted into eye through sub 2.8 mm incision.
- Made from reinforced hybrid acrylic material to ensure long term performance.
- IPCL" portfolio offers the widest range in the market, customising to as high as +15D and -30D with cylinder correctionup to 10 D and a presbyopic add up to +4D.
- The lens is customized according to the shape and size of each eye.
- Patented refractive - deffractive optic profile to provide excellent near vision while inducing minimal disturbances like halos and glare in all light condition.
- IPCL* provides high definition vision because of it's ASPHERIC OPTIC unlike LASIK.

Complete IPCL* Family


- Special patterned hole on upper left corner to ensure proper direction of the lens while loading in the cartridge and unfolding inside th eye, the anterior side of the lens is facing upwarads.
- Six haptic pads ensures better stability in the ciliary sulcus.
- Thiner haptics and special pattern of haptic holes & angled optic-vault prevent excessive vaulting and ensure minimal friction force between the iris and the anterior surface of the lens during iris adaption in the different light conditions.
- IPCLS V2.0 Model has a unique hole in the centre of the optic for proper aqueous flow. The size of the hole is 380 micron.
This hole is designed by unique engineering pattern to minimize light scattering and glare and does not induce signigicant visual distrubances.
- Two holes at the optical zone margin ensure continuous aqueous flow from the posterior chamber to the anterior chamber. These holes will be placed superiorly to avoid any glare or scattering of light due to holes.
- All the edges have a radius to avoid contstant trauma.
- Aberration neutral optic provides patients with better contrast sensitivity.
- Optical diameters can be customized to a accommodate for large pupils.

IPCL * Position Inside Eye

Treat your Patient with Confidence. It's Reversible Too.


- Excellent quality of vision
- Fast recovery
- Preserves accommodation
- No corneal tissue removed
- Very stable over time
- No regression
- Any customization is possible
- Retains corneal asphericity

Why use IPCL*

- Easy to implant
- User friendly delivery system
- Fast recover
- Patient satisfaction
- Cost effective with quality service
- Least invasive prcedure
- No dry eye

Salient Features

- Enhanced depth of vision
- Uncompromised contrast sensitivity
- Zero induced spherical aberration and coma
- Ability to provide astigmatic and presbyopic correction
- Widest range of customized solution for all types of refractive errors
- Enhanced night vision

The Key to Success

- Patient selection
- Accuracte measurements
- Patient counselling
- Training of all surgical and clinical teams
- Counsellor training program provided by
Eyeol UK as value added service

Technical Specification