A PMMA lathe cut lens with edge to minimize the risk of PCO.

The lenses are designed using State of the art Ray Tracing Technology for optimum optical through put.

100% inspection of all parameters of our lenses translates into a world class product.

No Spaces - No Cell

Close positioning of the posterior aspect of an IOL optic to the posterior capsule retards ingrowth of equatorial lens epithelial cells (LECs) across the visual axis.

The IOL barrier may create a second line of defense against in growth of cells, especially in cases where cortical cleanup, which normally the first line of defense, is not complete.

* PCO is the main case of decreased vision after cataract surgery.

* Approximately 40% of patients develop PCO & 30% require ND:YAG

* Introducing for the first time in Indian, a Square Edge lens in single piece PMMA and single piece Foldable. Now one does not have to depend on a 3 piece design to take advantage of a square edge. The Square Edge forms an absolute barrier and prevents any migration of cells. This is a major breakthrough in solving the age-old problem of Posterior Capsular Opacification (PCO).


Material - PMMA
Optic Size - 6.00 mm
Overall Length - 13.00 mm
Power - +2.0 to 35.0 Dpts (0.5 steps) A Constant - 118.2


- Optical Clarity to ensure high contrast sensitibity.
- Designed for easy handling - Thin & high refractive index.
- Reduces the rate of PCO in comparison with other round edge Lenses - NO YAG
- Preziol Square Edge Intraocular Lens