Simple 8 mins’ Surgery Using IPCL* Can Give Patient Spectacle Free Vision

July 1, 2017

Implantable Phakic Contact Lenses (IPCL*) are an awesome tool, an advancement in modern technology, which is allow many people to get independence from glasses or contact lenses. IPCL* is a specialized advanced lens which are made from reinforced hybrid acrylic; it is fragile and invisible once implanted into the eye. It is safe, painless, powerful, reversible and effective to improve unaided eyesight in most cases. But, it requires proper planning and implantation. Improper sizing can cause high pressure, cataract, and so on. And may need the IPCL* to be explanted or rather removed from the eye.

The IPCL* is a state-of-the-art refractive error solution that is perfect for almost everybody who want or desire for removal of power with high quality of vision correction. IPCL* as it is called, is a kind of lens which is transplanted into the eye and does not require frequent removal just like a standard contact lens.

This intraocular lens has several advantages which include its correction of the long range of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (cylindrical power).

IPCL* can correct a broad range of vision problems by permanently inserting a contact lens in front of the natural lens of the eye.

  • IPCL* is a kind of soft contact lens which into the eye through a tiny 2.8 mm incision
  • IPCL* process take only 8-10 minutes to carry out the procedure
  • The lens each eye's shape and size
  • This new technique is similar to cataract surgery, but the natural lens remains in place, so the eye's natural ability .
  • An IPCL* is advantageous because it will become a permanent fixture of the eye, avoiding lengthy maintenance.
  • It does not get lost, or have to like glasses and contact lenses.
  • IPCL* procedures have on highly nearsighted and farsighted patients who are not candidates for the more laser procedures for example LASIK. Unlike laser vision correction processes that permanently change your , it is possible to remove an IPCL* in future.

Who is IPCL* candidate?

  1. Candidates for the IPCL* are above 18 years of age, be affected by myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism (cylindrical power) and want to experience superior vision correction.
  2. Candidate with refractive error who are unsuitable for laser refractive surgery.
  3. Prospective individual should seek advice from his/her ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) for more information, including an assessment of their candidacy.

Benefits of IPCL*?

  • No blood! No pain! No hospitalization!
  • Excellent high quality of vision
  • It is easily removed or replaced within (8-10 minutes)
  • Cosmetically good since it's INVISIBLE!!
  • Fast recovery
  • No corneal tissue removed
  • Retains corneal a sphericity
  • Possibly maintains contrast level of sensitivity

The reason why patients seek for IPCL*?

Patients seek the IPCL* because they want outstanding results from their refractive vision correction procedure and freedom from spectacles.

  • It provides high-quality vision: The IPCL* not just corrects your refractive power or number, but it also enhances the quality of vision by producing sharp vision.
  • It is foldable: Because the IPCL* is foldable, a small incision is needed during the process. This feature makes the method useful (no joints required) and improves healing time.
  • Invisible: the positioning of the IPCL* into the posterior compartment of the eye makes the lens to be invisible to both the patient and any observer.

How does the IPCL* work?

  1. Comparable to a contact lens
  2. Designed to remain inside the eye
  3. It doesn't get dirty, and it doesn’t require daily maintenance unlike a contact lens

What to expect on the procedure?

  • Process should take 8-10 minutes per eye
  • Dilating and anesthetic drops

The IPCL* procedure

The implant surgery is quick and last for only about 8-10 minutes

  • The specific area around your eyes will , and a sterile drape may around your eye.
  • Eye drops or will to numb your eyes.
  • When your eye is completely numb, an eyelid speculum will be positioned between your eyelids to make sure you keep from blinking during the procedure.
  • The recovery time is short; therefore, the results of the surgery are almost immediate.
  • Most patients resume their normal activities within a week.

Where is the IPCL* placed?

A specialized ophthalmologist will insert the ICL through a small micro-incision, placing it inside the eye, behind the iris next to the eye's natural lens. The ICL is designed not to touch any inner eye structures and stay in place with no special care.

Can I remove the IPCL* from my eye?

However the IPCL* is designed to remain in place permanently, a specialized ophthalmologist can quickly remove the implant in a very quick & short procedure.

Does it hurt?

Absolutely no, almost all patients say they are comfortable throughout the process. Your ophthalmologist will use a topical pain-killing drop before the procedure and may choose to administer a light sedative.