Speciality Products

Speciality IOLs

Aniridia IOL

Material - PMMA
Optic Size - Clear 5.0 mm, Opaque
2.25 width
Overall Length - 12.75 mm
A Constant - 118.20

Iris Clip

Material - PMMA
Optic Size - 5.00 mm
Overall Length - 8.50 mm
A Constant - 114.90

AC Kelman Type

Material - Haptic - Clear PMMA
Material - Optic - Acrylic
Optic Size - 5.75 mm
Overall Length - 13.00 mm
A Constant - 114.90

Cosmetic IOL

Material - PMMA
Optic Size - 6.50 mm
Overall Length - 13.00 mm

Central Corneal Opacity

Material - PMMA
Optic Size - 4.00 X 6.00 mm
Overall Length - 13.50 mm

Iris Claw

Scleral Fixation IOL

Prism IOL

Injectors & Cartridges

Oval Shape.
Outer Ø = 1.85 mm

One Single use injector packed in a sterile pouch.
One Single use cartridge packed in a sterile pouch.

Instructions for Use
The Injector & Cartridge set is used to fold and insert a foldable Intra Ocular Lens into the eye.

-Open the cartridge wings and carefully inject visco elastic solution ensunng no bubbles get entrapped in the cartridge lumen.
- Place the lOL on the cartridge ensuring that the whole lens is seated in the grove of the open wings as per illustration
- Shut the wings while taking care that no part of the lens gets trapped between the wings. Visually confirm this.
- Remove injector from the pouch and visually inspect the same. Ensure smooth movement of the plunger.
- Align the back of the cartridge with the injector mouth and press In firmly till it locks In place.
- Once the cartridge locks In place, visually check If the silicon tip of the plunger is aligned with the orifice of the cartridge. A port has been provided to visualize this.
- Gently press the plunger without using excessive force till the lens is inside the lumen. The use of excessive force can be an indication of the lens being trapped between the cartridge wings or the Injector tip has ovemdden the lens. If this happens do not proceed further. Now enter the eye and press the plunger till the lens comes out fully & disengages from the cartridge.


Aniridia Ring

Material - PMMA
Diameter - 10.50 mm
Holes - 2

Coloboma Ring

Material - PMMA
Dia. - 12.00 - 13.00 mm (0.5 steps)
Eyelets - 2

Endocapsular Ring

Material - PMMA
Dia. - 12.00 - 13.50 mm (0.5 steps)
Holes - 2/3

Cionni Ring

Material - PMMA
Diameter - 12.00 mm - 12.50 mm (0.5 steps)
Eyelets - 3