EYEOL LW625A (Monofocal)

Material Specification

Material - Acrylic
Refractive Index - 1.465
U.V. Block - 390 nm
Water Content - 26%


Optic Type - Biconvex
A Constant - 118.0
Angulation - 0

Optic Size - 6.00 mm
Overall Length - 12.50 mm

*These Values are estimates only. It is recommended that the surgeon derives his/her own values based on individual clinical experience.


- Single piece foldable lens.
- The lens design ensures smooth insertion and proper centeration inside the eye.
- Material is UV block incorporated ensuring adequate UV protection.
- Optics are YAG Laser friendly.
- Non Ionic nature of material ensures resistance to deposits thus lowering the incidence of Posterior Capsular Opacification.
- Stream sterilization does away with the hazards of ETO residue.