First Hydrophilic MICL. Enhances contrast providing excellent near, intermediate and distance vision.

Hydrophobic foldable IOLs designed for smooth insertion and proper centration inside the eye.

Square edge PMMA IOL with innovative design of 360º square edge for perfect vision.

Complete range of refractive solutions for Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism Presbyopia.

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Eyeol U.K. Serves as an International hub for UK Implant, a state of the art manufacturing unit based out of England and Care Group Sight Solution based out of India. Eyeol U.K. facilitates a quick turnaround for orders all over Europe.

3 Million+ Lenses supplied to 25,000+ Satisfied Surgeons Globally.


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We are always looking for sharp minds willing to collaborate, create, learn and advance eye health worldwide.