TriDIFF Dynamic Vision

Trifocal IOL

The True Trifocal IOL for Near, Intermediate & Distance Vision.


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TriDIFF has a patented refractive-diffractive platform provides unmatched results for near, intermediate and distance vision. Manufactured with proprietary Hydrophilic material ensures optimum optical quality with UV protection. The Aberration Neutral optic reduces spherical aberration with good depth of filed.


  • A true trifocal IOL.
  • Provides multifocal vision for perfect near, intermediate and distance sight.
  • Reduces pupil dependency.
  • Helps in maintaining a balanced distribution of light.


118.04 (SRK-T, US Biometry)
118.28 (SRK-T, Optical Biometry)

Modified plate

Diffractive Aspheric Optic

+0.0 D to +40.0 D on 0.5 Steps
*provided as a guideline only

Stats & Charts

Optic Design State of the art ray tacing technology for optimum optical performance
A Constant 118.04 (SRK-T, US Biometry)
118.28 (SRK-T, Optical Biometry)
Optic Diameter 6.0mm
Optic Length 10.75 to 11.00 mm
Optic Type Diffractive Aspheric Optic
Haptic Configuration Modified Plate Haptic
Haptic Angulation 0º (Plano)
IOL Powers (Spherical Equivalent Diopters) +0.00D to +40.D in 0.5D Steps
Addition for Near
Addition for Intermediate