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HYDIFF is an optimum posterior capsular contact. It provides long-term stabilization of refractive outcomes ensuring additional stability over traditional single - piece IOL. Square Edge against the posterior capsule helps in limiting LEC migration providing balanced distribution on light energy.


  • HYDIFF is the first Hydrophobic MICL
  • It enhances contrast providing excellent near, intermediate & distance vision.
  • Helps in reducing chances of halos, glare, and scattering of light.
  • HYDIFF's pale yellow tint helps in replicating natural lens color eliminating the glistering effect.


118.8 (Theoretical Value)

Yellow Acrylic Co-Polymer


+0 D to +30.0 D
(with 0.5 D Steps)

Stats & Charts

Model AS-6D
Material Hydrophobic Acrylic (Yellow Tinted)
Refractive Index 1.53
A Constant 118.0(SRK-T, US Biometry)*
119.08(SRK-T, Optical Biometry)*
Optic Diameter 6.00mm
Optic Length 12.50mm
Optic Type Modified Refrective - Diffractive & Aspheric Surface
Haptic Configuration Modified C-L Haptic
Haptic Angulation 0º (Plano)
IOL Powers +0.0D to +30.0D in 0.5D Steps (Spherical Equivalent Diopters)
Addition for Near Focus +3.25D