HYFLE-Y Versatile

Monofocal IOL

Aberration Controlled | Preloaded Delivery System Yellow Foldable | Micro Incision Lens


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HYFLEX-Y Versatile has an ELP optimized Design for Predictable Refractive Outcome. It renders excellent Depth of Focus and the optic is Aberration Controlled that do not induce any aberration to the optical system. Developed with Synchronized Cast Molding Manufacturing procedure, HYFLEX-Y Versatile achieves the specifications like best Asphericity, Power Accuracy & Square Edge.


  • Designed with an upper left pattern for direction.
  • Flexible haptic pads accommodate as per bag size. It will ensure stability in all type of eyes
  • Posterior Square edge to minimize the risk of PCO.
  • COC optimized optic profile. Aberration controlled optic ensures excellent contrast without compromising depth of focus
  • Optimized Blue Blocker ensures minimal RPE Cells due to High Energy Blue light and enhances the quality of vision.
  • Cut-off ensures, Contraction forces will not be transferred on optic and ELP will be maintained for a steady refractive outcome.


6.0 mm

Hydrophobic Acrylic
(Yellow Tinted)

Negative Aspheric Optic

+10.0D to +27.0 Diopter
(0.5 D steps)

Stats & Charts

Model HYFLEX-Y Versatile
Material Hydrophobic (Yellow Tinted)
Refractive Index 1.53
A Constant 118.52(SRK-T, US Biometry)*
119.0(SRK-T, Optical Biometry)*
Optic Diameter 6.00mm
Optic Length 11.00mm (Customized Range 10.50mm to 12.00m)
Optic Type Negative Aspheric Optic
Haptic Configuration Plate - Accommodative Haptic
Haptic Angulation 0º (Plano)
IOL Powers +10.0D to +27.0D in 0.5D Steps